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"Imagine Grand Theft Auto 2 and Mad Max had a baby - That babies name is FRANZ FURY and it's on STEROIDS!!!" - Doydoy

Franz wanted to live a calm life in the wasteland with his trusty car, Betty, and his cat Hans. But after a wild party, he wakes up with a big hangover to find his trusty car stripped down and Hans gone.


Why I made this game?

This game has been made for a 48 hour game jam. The 48 hours were spread around my Christmas holidays. The jam was done by four Godot devs (including me) and will be documented in a YouTube video 😁

We all used the same art asset:


Yes, all the things in this game are from this pack (Except music and fonts). I created some shaders using some generated noise.

Music is all CC-BY or CC-0 licensed music, so THANKS a lot to the cool bands!

The game has some bugs or at least annoying things - it's a gamejam game and the time limit put up some limitations. But I am thinking about making the game a bit bigger and releasing a "full" version. Let me know what you think about that in the comments!

Why I REALLY made this game?

First, as an escape. An escape from the daily covid insanity, a little escape from my main hobby project Bottomless. A little room to feel free - To let out the feelings that are deep inside me - The love for METAL, V8 ENGINES, SMELL OF GASOLINE, EXPLOSIONS, DUMB DIALOGUES, MAD MAX, POST-APOCALYPSE, A LITTLE INSANITY and GUNS.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorRaffaele Picca
GenreAction, Racing
Made withGodot
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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FRANZ FURY - Windows 502 MB
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Gotta say, found this from the youtube vid and oh my fell in love at first sight of the dev portions. about to play it now :)

Deleted 241 days ago


The Trojan warning is a false positive.

It's so big because of the soundtrack, I didn't properly compress the sound files to a lower bitrate - I definitely have to do that - But ran out of time for the jam.


Nice little game, but I found the control of car is very difficult, very hard just make the car moving and keep track. Anyway, may be car game just not my thing. Good luck with the game.


There seems to be an issue - shooting doesn't work. Spacebar does nothing :( Everything else is fine, not sure what the problem could be.

Hey Sam,

did you finish the first map?

Because you get the first gun after talking to Boros (finishing the first map).

Maybe it should be more obvious ... 😅


Aaaah I feel silly now. I saw the controls on the main menu and assumed it was available from the start and that something was broken. Cheers!

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This is some mindless explosive fun! It really felt like a release to just run over everything in my path and spray machine gun fire everywhere. Congrats on this little piece the gameplay is tight. Would def play a "full" version. It's something I'd play on my phone honestly.

Thanks for the nice comment! That was my goal, total mindless fun!

I will try out the performance on android... tough I have no clue how to make the controls work on mobile.