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Wouldn't recommend: you cannot save your progress. Very glitchy at times. Frustrating.


i can´t play it :( is beacause it is in gless3 ?

If you can only run GLES2 games, then it is probably that.

true :( 


this game perfectly could be to sell it, when will be finished

Will still take a while!

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I love the graphics and the atmosphere. Maybe you could add a button to grab, and not the arrow keys, because it's quite difficult to use the ice axe correctly.

EDIT : allright, I just finished the game, and the end let think about a second part in the desert ! Finally I don't think that the ice axe is a problem, but the hitbox is sometime a little bit erratic.

from surface right to the void

too hard... i every time die to the last  jumo to base.

What a beautiful game. Are you still working on the full feature version of Bottomless?

And how did you manage to create this game in a single week? That's incredible! Can you share some tips, what did your workflow look like, etc.?


If you are having issues on BIGSUR (Mac). Open a terminal window, copy and paste: sudo chmod -R 755 and then drag and drop the application into the terminal window from your FINDER window, press Return. You have to do this because the OS needs the full path to the file, this is the easiest way to do it! It will ask you to type your password when you hit Return.

BIGSUR broke a lot of apps, including this.


Great game! very polished and fantastic art. How did you create the terrain? They look very organic.

Hey, thanks!
It was painted in Aseprite :)

In my recent discovery, this is the best game.The most important thing is that he is pixelated.Very support the author.

I am in love with artwork in the game and think it has potential to be a great adventure game.

Something where you have lots of caverns to explore, each with it own perils to navigate(for example you could have areas full of snow or ice that make getting around more dangerous) , and perhaps resources for you to collect and carry back to camp to upgrade your tools( The ability to have longer ropes, carry more flares

have a Gas mask to go through certain areas, or different tools that work better in certain terrain)  

I would love something in this art style that just lets you freely explore caves and mountains and figure out your own way to get around


Hey, thanks for the positive and interesting feedback!


The game is pretty good but it needs more content or some arcade mode. The only bad thing is that is too short and it has low replayability


It was a gamejam game made in a week 😉

Deleted 70 days ago

Hey, I like the game concept and atmosphere. I can actually say it is the best quality godot game I've ever played.  Let me leave a negative review to help you; the gravity value in character physics is falling too fast, too much. You can make jumping and falling a little smoother. Also, at the beginning of the game, I waited to encounter enemies to be able to shoot, even if it was a snack. I wish you success.

Hey! This looks really good, but I can't run it on MacOS. I saw the comment about it, but I'm new to itch, so if I could get some additional guidance that would be great! Thank you!

Dev said " did you try running it with:

chmod -R +x in Terminal"


still not works

I would love to help out, but I don't have a Mac and can't look into the problem you have :(

Macos version doesn't work. 


did you try running it with:

chmod -R +x in Terminal


Yep,  it's working now : ) thank you. 


what font did you use? Can you include the download link? Thanks

All praise for the game has kinda already been said...

Which font do you mean?

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The "You died " font. From the message that appears when you die
Been seeing that a lot while playing

Quite a nice font though


324 / 5000

Resultados de tradução

the game is incredible, I have no criticism, because the whole game was thought to be difficult, for people to be more interested in playing, I analyzed everything the game design is incredible, great music, and the gameplay is very challenging, just for you to feel challenged and keep playing, it took me 137 minutes to finish


Holding for rope and jump by same button - bad idea.
Better make catch/release for rope by press jump button, not holding.
And how to remove previous  useless ropes?
Isn't easy catch needed rope if several ropes keep a close.


I think it might be intended that way, to make you rethink your usage of ropes. Makes it a bit more challenging, which I personally enjoy.

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There are a lot of control "features" that I think were not good decision. In the full feature version I am working on, the control are completely different.

... and there is a button to remove ropes ;)

Maybe try catch rope by default, when player NOT hold jump.
And release rope when pressing jump button.
Need try several variants, by words difficult says what variant better.


When is the next update for this game going to come out? I'd really enjoy having a new area (which is what I assume you are creating) This is one of the most enjoyable games i've played. Keep up the great content!


Hey, thanks for reaching out!
I think it's time to post another DevLog on this game and explain a bit what my plans are!


Nice game! Good job for everyone!



I finish the game for 3 times and I think I will finish again anyway the game is very fun pls can u make a update the game is too short


Hey, thanks for reaching out!
I think it's time to post another DevLog on this game and explain a bit what my plans are!


Bottomless, unlike me, who has ridiculous amounts of cake.


Hey thanks for the cool video!

No problem! It's really fun! ;{D

Really liked the rope mechanic, how u made it?

Thanks, it's made with rigidbodies and joints

can't open the mac app

Hey, Mac is very restrictive.

You could give this a try:


I think I can say the game is fun, but bloody difficult!

It is not even difficult, the controls are just not right enough for the game. I'm glad it's all fixed in the version I'm working on.

okay, nice

After playing this game for some time i just wanted to come here and say i really appreciate the effort you put into this game i think it is super fun to play 

I enjoyed this (after raging a bit). When the controls work it feels challenging but smooth, which really is a lot of fun. However, too often things feel slippery. I encountered one glitch where the rope went completely haywire (vibrating all over the place really fast), but most of the time the problems were with grabbing a ledge or climbing a wall. I think it could have been improved in some of these ways:

1. Allowing the player to 'restart' without either exiting to the main menu and reloading the game or dying. 
2. Allowing us to take down a rope if we missed our shot.
3. Making climbing walls more consistent. 
4. Allowing the player to jump from the rope, not just from the wall.
5. Preventing pressing down repeatedly on the joystick (or selecting "continue" on the death screen) from refreshing the animation only at the end of which you move down to start the level (or continue/respawn).

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I have also noticed that at times if you're climbing the rope up to a ledge, and your character isn't able to grab the ledge (for no apparent reason), then sometimes you can get stuck on the rope, unable to descend, unable to do anything except fall to your death. I also found, while I was trying to improve my time on normal mode, that you can be completely immobilized (unable to move at all, no matter what you try to do to get out of it) if your character simultaneously tries to climb down a rope and climb down a wall. That's very frustrating and should be fixed. The timing for the jump (if you're jumping from one platform immediately after landing) is a little too tight - a bit more generosity here would make the game feel a lot more responsive.

One thing I will say for it is that it's addicting though. There's something about it which keeps me coming back. After having glitches ruin my best runs, though, I'll be put off for a while. You have something here, but you need to refine it. 


Great game, finished the demo. Visuals look great. 

Just some points, sometimes it's difficult to grab on to the rope, the character just slides to some crazy areas if its close to the ground. Also its quite difficult to move around, the ledge grab from the rope might be better if it was a tad bigger. The character doesn't grab the ledge unless its aimed the rope exactly at the corner. Pretty much had to be pixel perfect.

All in all a great game, other than the difficulty maneuvering around, I love the visuals and atmosphere. Looking forward to playing more of it. Gave a little tip for your troubles =) 

Thanks for your comment!

First things first, it's not a demo, it's the old "finished" game jam version of the game that was completed in a week :)

The controls are really strange and behave very unexpected sometimes.

Thanks for the tip and the feedback, glad you liked the art :)

Oh in that case, I cant wait for the full game! I stumbled on your youtube channel and I saw the newer stuff and cant wait. Really loving the style there.

Also, saw that you used godot for this. What is your take on the engine so far?

It has pros and cons like every engine :)

I like it very much, it feels great to make the game. The scene structure and overall workflow feels very natural to me and works fantastic.

Some things are not perfect but get adressed in the future, the development is strong and has great people behind it.

Great thanks!

The game suddenly crashes and closes when press trackpad(two fingrr right click) + space + wasd at th same time on Macbook Pro 2016. Maybe it’s a godot bug.

Hm, that's strange and unfortunate. I don't own a Mac and can't really debug such things :(


godot will never be stable, I think use another engine.

How do you come to that conclusion? Which projects did you complete in Godot? Would be fantastic if you could share some insights.


There are too many bugs, it is not possible to count them all, you can see them on Github.

I never run into such things...

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The visuals and the gameplay is awesome!

I believe that the controls could be a little tighter and more responsive, especially when climbing; some times when hooked on a wall the jump button does not work and you have to drop off and the re-try; something really annoying when you are on wall where you can die if you fall. I, also, suggest the acceleration and deceleration to be faster -higher friction, if you use physics-, so that the controls feel more resposive. Finally, I believe that there should be some tweaking on the wall-to-jump (towards the opposite direction) movement; it is really difficult to manage it properly, without falling...

Those are some suggestion I have movement-wise.

Oh, by the way, I would love to know more about the story!

All in all, it is a great game and I hope there will be more levels in different areas... Like a desert... I am just saying... ahem... ahem...

I will stick around to see how this project will evolve!

Keep up the great job!


i have an idea: at a later point in the game, when you have to go really far down to get your treasure, introduce a checkpoint system, where you can light a campfire about half way down, so when you die you dont have to start the expedition from the very begining. you still have to get up all the way from the treasure, so i dont think this would take away any challenge.


relly fun game and may I ask a questionhow do you handle scene chaingi I am making a metroid venia in godot but I am handeling scene changing with multyple scenes for each rom for every entrance is there a mor eficient way?

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I love the game, it has amazing graphics and the music really fits the mood. I love the exploration concept and my favorite part has to be the pixel art, but every time I find a key my screen freezes and I lose the cursor. LOL key is working. All in all it's a great game.


stunning visuals and fun game mechanics! the one issue i have is when vinching up a rope and coming near a wall. you cant move further up the rope, and its super hard to jump and cling onto the wall. maybe make a smoother transition from rope to wallclimb :)


Very cool! Want moar!

But need tuning for rope change mechanics. (it's difficult to jump rope-wall at some situations)

amazing game!

Amazing platform-survival game with very interesting gameplay mechanics (rope)!
Amazing visual effects especially with the flares!

Just played the game  for the first time today and here are my thoughts:

I love the game concept and the art but I just can't handle the controls. I don't play a lot of video games which might be the problem but I just can't play this game. Mounting and using ropes is really tricky and with all of the buttons doing multiple things I keep doing the wrong action. 

Maybe make it so you can only have one rope on screen at a time (ie the rope you just shot gets deleted when you make another) since whenever I messed up my first shot I would never be able to mount the right rope since they all group up.

I might be having so much trouble because it is my first time and I am not used to the game yet, hopefully as I play more it will get better. 

Art 11/10

Concept 10/10

Controls 6/10

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